PalmPower Extreme Curl G-Spot Attachment


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PalmPower Extreme Curl G-Spot Attachment

Channel your PalmPower Extreme’s strength for G-spot stimulation! The Extreme Curl attachment fits over the head of the PalmPower Extreme wand massager (sold separately). With a perfect curve for targeting the spot, plus a semi-flexible neck, the Extreme Curl attachment lets you choose to play different ways. Add it to any PalmPower playtime to move from clitoral to dual clit + G-spot sensation.

Made of smooth silicone, the PalmPower Extreme Curl’s bottom folds up, then is placed over the wand massager’s head, and then folds back down for the securest fit. It’ll stay in place as you move your PalmPower Extreme and rock its ergonomic-angled grip.

  • Wand vibrator attachment for more versatile play
  • Stimulates G-spot and allows for blended orgasms
  • Only compatible with PalmPower Extreme by BMS
  • 3-step application for secure fit
  • G-spot curve + semi-flexible neck
  • Versatile: Feel the Extreme’s strong vibration inside and outside
  • Smooth silicone

Dimensions: 1.3 inches width (G-spot bulb); 3.5 inches insertable length

Available in Pink.

NOTE: The PalmPower Extreme vibrator can be purchased here.


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