Pillow Talk Sassy Charging Cord



Pillow Talk Sassy Charging Cord

Lost your cord? This is the USB recharging cable for BMS Factory’s acclaimed Pillow Talk Sassy vibrator, newest version. Insert it in Sassy’s self-healing silicone port and power up!

The straight, strong metal prong now provides increased durability and break-resistance.

PLEASE NOTE this cord works for Sassys purchased in 2021 and onward. It may not charge older-model Sassy vibrators. If your Sassy charger had an open tip, a flat prong end (as pictured in image), & open space inside, then this new cable is the wrong one for your toy. The Pillow Talk Sassy charger now has a completely closed prong, with a capped end.

Replacement charger only. Vibrator not included.


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