Rosebuds Black Aluminum Lightweight Butt Plug – 3 Jewel Colors



Rosebuds Black Aluminum Lightweight Butt Plug – 3 Jewel Colors

Lightweight jewel butt plugs, Rosebuds Black Aluminum plugs come with your pick of 3 stunning Swarovski crystal colors. True body jewelry, these are Rosebuds—the original jewel plugs, made in France—in hypoallergenic, anodized aluminum rather than stainless steel. This lighter metal is excellent for longer wear, remaining comfortable for hours.

Each Rosebuds is polished by hand. The classic tapered shape is designed for easy insertion. Rosebuds’ firm metal can intensify vaginal sensation, or put pressure on the prostate.

Rosebuds’ embedded Swarovski gems are beautiful, shining and changing colors as light refracts through. These plugs are available in four compact sizes, from the mini “Small” to the average-sized “XL.”

  • Lightweight jewel plug
  • Swarovski crystal embedded in base: your choice of 3 gem colors
  • Black aluminum is lightweight, for easier wear than steel
  • Beginner-friendly; perfect for comfort during a night out
  • Mirror finish: polished by hand
  • Classic tapered shape for easy insertion
  • Thin neck helps lock plug into place
  • Hypoallergenic anodized aluminum
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Crystal glimmers as light shines through
  • Decorative storage tube and drawstring storage pouch
  • Beautiful for erotic display


Small: 0.98 bulb width; 1.69 inch insertable length

Medium: 1.18 bulb width; 2.4 inch insertable length

Large: 1.38 inch bulb width; 3 inch insertable length

XL: 1.57 inch bulb width; 3.31 inch insertable length

Available in Black with Clear Gem; Black with Aurora Borealis Gem; Black with Heliotrope Gem

Care Instructions: Rosebuds should be treated like jewelry; please avoid dropping your Rosebuds or hitting it on hard surfaces. Do not boil. It should be washed with warm water and soap after each use. Wipe dry with a soft cloth and (if desired) a soft-bristled brush or special jewel cleaning product. Store after dry.

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