Saffron Acrylic Paddle By Sportsheets


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Saffron Acrylic Paddle By Sportsheets

Serious speed and sting are the Saffron Acrylic Paddle’s goal, with its very hard yet flexible acrylic. The see-through paddle is uniquely fun to look at during play.

Acrylic is firm for advanced impact: for anyone who wants more bite in their spanking, without the heavier weight of a silicone paddle. It’s ultra-smooth, nonporous, and easy to wipe down. A loop is included, for hanging up the Saffron Acrylic Paddle By Sportsheets when you’re done wielding it.

  • Acrylic paddle
  • Hard material for more sting
  • Wide, flexible surface
  • Slick and easy to clean
  • Intense for advanced impact-toy fans
  • Made of acrylic (paddle); hard PVC (handle); nylon (loop)
  • Storage loop attached

Dimensions: 12 inches acrylic paddle; 4mm acrylic thickness; 5 inch long handle; 7 inch wrist cord length


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