Saffron Spreader Bar & Cuff Set


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Saffron Spreader Bar & Cuff Set

Four cuffs + secure spreader bar give you many plays to play with the Saffron Spreader Bar & Cuff Set by Sportsheets. The 4 Saffron Cuffs are a pair of wrist cuffs plus a pair of handcuffs, for fuller bondage or multi-partner play. The cuffs’ soft inner ring is a dramatic saffron red, surrounded by midnight black, all in vegan leather.

Clip the cuffs together for handcuff-style restraint, or separate them and link them to the spreader bar. The full 4-cuff spread leaves legs held open, plus wrists bound in front: So the bound partner is completely restrained and ready to obey. Durable and secure, the Saffron Spreader Bar & Cuffs are easy to put on and remove, with no complicated ties. 

  • Spreader bar + 4 cuffs for full restraint
  • Durable wrist and ankle cuffs in bold colors
  • Soft inner cuff lining
  • Clip together handcuff-style, or separate for use with spreader bar or other restraint systems
  • For leg-spreading bondage and/or wrist restraint
  • Swivel snap clips for more possible positions
  • Versatile: Can bind 2 partners at once
  • Adjustable to fit most
  • Vegan leather + nickel-free metal
  • Easy to use

Dimensions: 24.75 inch spreader bar length




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