Scandal Silicone Stopper Gag by CalExotics



Scandal Silicone Stopper Gag by CalExotics

Open and closed, then open again: the Scandal Silicone Stopper Gag features a removable mouth cover. Expose your submissive’s open mouth to allow more sounds to escapeā€”or the mouth to be filled.

This silicone gag does not retain odor or have a bad taste, and is easy to clean. The buckles and connecting joints are made of nickel-free iron.

The mouth ring is 1.5 inches diameter inside with the stopper removed. The adjustable strap will fit around heads up to 24 inches around.

  • Stopper gag allows for opening and closing mouth access
  • Silicone gag with nickel-free iron
  • Adjustable buckle-closure strap
  • Smooth silicone with lip shape gag
  • 1.5-inch diameter mouth hole
  • Odorless and easy to keep clean
  • Fits heads up to 24 inches around


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