Scandal Universal Cuff Set


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Scandal Universal Cuff Set

4 cuffs are included in the Scandal Universal Cuff Set, ideal for exploring fuller restraint easily. The Velcro-closure cuffs are incredibly easy to put on, and adjust to fit any wrist and ankles sizes. 

Velvety soft lining inside, and a sexy red & black brocade fabric outside: The Scandal Cuff Set allows you to join and unjoin both pairs of cuffs. The universal clasps and O-ring will let you join the cuffs to other kink gear as well, like a hogtie cross-piece. 

Secure your partner’s hands behind their back, with ankles locked too, for the most complete bondage setup. 

  • Super-adjustable set of 4 cuffs
  • Soft, velvety inside for comfort
  • Pull to increase tightness on wrists and ankles
  • Use 4 cuffs at once, or each set separately
  • Perfect for exploring dominant/submissive play
  • Sexy red & black pattern
  • Universal clasps & O-rings with swivel design
  • Can link to other BDSM restraints too

Dimensions: 14 inch cuff circumference


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