Shots Door Restraint Set with Blindfold



Shots Door Restraint Set with Blindfold

Full body bondage comes easily with the Door Restraint Set. Featuring 2 wrist cuffs plus 2 ankle cuffs, the Door Restraint Set anchors above and below any standard door frame. Simply place the 2 acrylic tubes over your door, to support the wrist cuffs; and under the door too, to hold the wrist cuffs in place. Then close the door, and lock for safety. It’s non-permanent and simple to remove afterward! The cuffs are padded and easily adjustable to fit different-sized wrists and ankles.

A free satin blindfold is included with this full restraint set!

  • Over-the-door / under-the-door restraint system
  • Includes 2 wrist cuffs + 2 ankle cuffs
  • Easy to install; non-permanent installation
  • Acrylic tubes hold cuffs over/under any normal door
  • Padded cuffs for comfort
  • Adjustable to fit
  • Free blindfold

Available in black.


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