SquarePegToys® Charlie Horse Wiggly Firmer Silicone Prostate Massager


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SquarePegToys® Charlie Horse Wiggly Firmer Silicone Prostate Massager

By the anal experts at SquarePegToys®, Charlie Horse Wiggly, Firmer Black, is made for hands-free movement—with lots of length. Charlie Horse Wiggly’s base curves upward and tucks between the legs, so that Charlie Horse massages as you walk and move your body. Or flip it around 180 degrees, with the longer end of the base situated between the butt cheeks, for a less-focused feel. Either way, this Wiggly plug will bend and go past your second sphincter, deep inside.

This version of Charlie Horse is Firmer Black silicone, for easier insertion and a touch more pressure. Its material is forgiving and flexible.

The Charlie Horse Wiggly is best suited for the experienced anal toy user, due to its long length and thick lower width.

All SquarePegToys® are handcrafted in the USA from 100% US-sourced platinum silicone.

  • Expert-designed silicone anal massager
  • Designed to move with your body’s motion as you walk, or to be clenched around
  • Ergonomic shape goes deep to massage throughout the rectum
  • Firmer Black silicone is smooth and flexible
  • Long length goes past the second anal sphincter
  • Tapers to a thick girth at the widest point
  • US-sourced platinum grade silicone, handcrafted in the USA

Dimensions: 9 inches total length; from 3.5 to 6 inches circumference (≈ 1.1 inches to 1.9 inches diameter)

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