SquarePegToys® Worm – Long Anal Toy in SuperSoft Bronze Silicone



SquarePegToys® Worm Anal Probe, SuperSoft Silicone

The SquarePegToys® Worm’s many smooth ridges create sensational stimulation as you slide it in, pull it out, ride it, and thrust it! Available in your choice of three long sizes: Short Worm has 11 inches of length, Long Worm is a full 15 inches, and Thick Worm is over 15 inches with a meatier girth.

In SquarePegToys®’s signature SuperSoft Bronze or Graphite silicone, Worm is highly flexible, especially in the Short Worm! That toy’s tapered tip starts at a comfortable average girth, then expands to almost 2” wide above the base. Please consider the dimensions carefully: these are advanced toys!

All SquarePegToys® are handcrafted in the USA from 100% US-sourced platinum silicone. SquarePegToys has been a leader in safe anal toys since 1997.

  • SuperSoft silicone dildo or extra long plug
  • Smooth, super-stimulating ridges
  • Long length, in your choice of 3 sizes
  • For the advanced anal explorer
  • Tapered: more girth the deeper you go
  • Body-safe metallic pigment gives a bold, shimmery look
  • US-sourced platinum grade silicone, handcrafted in the USA


Short Worm: 11” total length; 5” to 6.2” circumference (≈ 1.6” to 2” diameter)

Long Worm: 15” total length; 5.8” to 7” circumference (≈ 1.85” to 2.25” diameter)

Thick Worm: 15.5” total length; 6.5” to 9” circumference (≈ 2” to 2.8” diameter)

Available in SuperSoft Bronze

**SquarePegToys® products are excluded from all discounts.**

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