Svakom Nova Ball Kegel Exerciser Set


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Svakom Nova Ball Kegel Exerciser Set 

The Svakom Nova Ball Set is an all-in-one solution for strengthening your pelvic floor! This set of three kegel exercisers allows users to progress from the largest and lightest weighted bead, to a double-beaded intermediate weight, and finally to the smallest, heaviest bead set for maximum toning—leading to stronger orgasms, heightened arousal, and better bladder control. The Svakom Nova Ball Set is silicone coated and fully waterproof for worry-free use and easy cleaning, plus each kegel exerciser ends in a looped cord for effortless removal. Wear your Nova Balls as you go about your daily routine and feel the internal beads shift as you move!

  • Set of 3 weighted kegel exercisers
  • Ultra-soft, smooth, body-safe silicone coating
  • Internal beads quietly shift as you move
  • 100% waterproof 
  • Includes a velvet storage bag


Phase One: 5.3” total length; 1.4” maximum width; 49g (1.7 oz.) weight

Phase Two: 6.6” total length; 1.2” maximum width; 75g (2.6 oz.) weight

Phase Three: 6.3” total length; 1.1” maximum width; 95g (3.4 oz.) weight

Available in Plum Red (pink), Green (teal), and Violet

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