Sweet Treat Anal Beads by Evolved



Sweet Treat Anal Beads by Evolved

Sweet Treat Anal Beads by Evolved add fun textures and are perfectly sized as a first-time anal bead set. The cute heart-shaped base serves as an easy pull-loop, for moving the beads slowly in and out.

Made of smooth, flexible silicone, Sweet Treat Anal Beads get gradually bigger, for easier insertion. They’re gently rounded for your comfort!

  • Silicone anal beads
  • Cute heart-shaped retrieval loop / handle
  • Perfect for adding anal sensation
  • Progressive sizing
  • Pull in and out to feel the textures
  • Smooth, flexible silicone
  • Comfortable and easy to insert

Dimensions: 1.16 inches max. width; 6.15 inches total length

Available in lilac.


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