Tantus Tawse It Overboard Silicone Slapper Paddle


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Tantus Tawse It Overboard Silicone Slapper Paddle

Make the maximum impact with Tantus’ Tawse It Overboard Silicone Slapper. This toy’s four long, narrow tongues let you dole out weighty, thuddy sensations. Or use the handle to create more blunt impact—or as an intensely textured dildo.

Silicone transfers energy like no other material, for a stronger impact. Best of all, Tantus Premium Platinum silicone is easy to keep clean and to sterilize for safe long-term use!

  • Silicone slapper paddle with 4 split tongues
  • Creates weighty, stingy sensations
  • Textured handle for better grip
  • Body-safe, easy-to-clean platinum silicone

Dimensions: 17” total length; 8.75” tongue length;

0.4” tongue width for each tongue; 1.48” handle width


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