The Nines Make Me Melt Sensual Warm-Drip Candles


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The Nines Make Me Melt Sensual Warm Drip Candles – 4 Pack.

These wax-play candles offer a tinge of heat (about 129 degrees) when dripped, which quickly becomes warm to the touch.  Turn your partner’s body into a canvas of colorful wax.

Comes in the following color combinations, each sold separately:

  • Jet Black – comes with four (4) black candles
  • Red Hot – comes with four (4) red candles
  • Passion Tones – comes with 1 each of the black, blue, purple + red candles
  • Pastel Tones – comes with 1 each of the red, pink, yellow + white candles


  • Hold lit candle at least 36 inches above skin before dripping wax onto skin. This allows the wax to cool slightly. 
  • Always try on the back of you or your partners hand to establish the pain/pleasure point.

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