Transform Supersoft® Full Classic Asymmetrical Breast Forms


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Just like the name implies, these silicone breast forms are super soft.

The “Classic” is asymmetrical. That means that each form fits only the left or the right side of the body for a more personalized fit. The back of these forms are contoured so they hug the chest for a smooth, comfortable fit. Asymmetrical Classic shapes are the most custom fitting forms.

The Transform Supersoft® line of breast forms are made with a softer silicone formulation (as compared with other Transform® product lines, and have a thinner, more supple outer skin which allows them to drape more than the Transform® standard forms. They also have the unique Transform® internal nipple to replicate the natural breast. 

Confused about sizing? Check out the Transform fitting chart to learn about selecting the proper bra size and form. 


• Available in sizes: 1-12 (see Transform® fitting chart for corresponding bra sizes)

• Colors: Beige and Soft Sable/Brown

• Gel: SUPERSOFT® gel with thinner, more supple polyurethane skin

• Nipple: Internal, medium color

• Asymmetrical, each form fits only right or left side

• Most custom fit

• Ultra soft gel and supple skin to match the “drape” of a natural breast

• Sold in pairs with one right and one left breast form per pair

Tip: It is important to align the breast forms properly in the bra: use the picture to help determine the forms’ top, bottom and side. The point goes at the top, the “wing” goes under the arm, and the wide round curve goes at the bottom. When aligned correctly, the shape should closely match the cup of an under-wire bra.


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