Transform Supersoft® Full Triangle Breast Forms


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Just like the name implies, these silicone breast forms are super soft.

They feature the TRANSFORM® brand’s unique internal nipple, designed to replicate the natural breast, and they are symmetrical for an easy fit. The price includes one pair, containing two (2) forms. 

These ultra-soft, silicone breast forms are made with a softer silicone formulation and have a thinner, more supple outer skin which allows them to drape more than the standard TRANSFORM® forms.

Triangles are symmetrical forms, so they fit either side of the body, but they do have a top and a bottom. TRANSFORM SUPERSOFT® Full Triangles are very easy to fit. Each form’s contoured back curves to the chest wall for a smooth, natural look.


• Sizes: 1-12 (see the Transform fitting chart for corresponding bra sizes)

• Colors: Beige and Soft Sable/Brown (sold separately)

• Gel: SUPERSOFT® gel with thinner, more supple polyurethane skin

• Nipple: Internal, medium color

• Symmetrical to fit either side of the body

• Ultra soft gel and supple skin to match the “drape” of a natural breast

• Best if worn with the smallest curve at the top, not meant to be turned in different directions

• Easy to fit

• Sold in pairs only

Confused about sizing? Check out the Transform fitting chart to learn about selecting the proper bra size and form. 


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