should i powder the insides of my tpe sex doll

Wow, this is a really big decision! Should I powder the insides of my TPE sex doll? On the one hand, a friend told me that it would help keep the doll soft and smooth, and make it more comfortable to use. On the other hand, I read online that it could clog up the skin pores and cause the silicone to degrade. Ugh, this is stressful!

Well, I think I’m going to go ahead and do it. I mean, my sex doll is pretty important to me, and I want to take good care of her. I figure that if I’m careful and use just a thin layer of powder, it can’t hurt, right? Plus, putting a bit of powder in her crevices and folds will feel really nice and silky, don’t you think?

Plus, there are tons of different types of powder to choose from. Silica powder, talcum powder, cornstarch—I’m sure I can find something that will work well for my doll. Plus, Penis Rings it’s easy to apply, too: Just sprinkle it over the doll, pat it in with a soft cloth, and then brush off the excess.

I’ve been really surprised by how soft and velvety the inside of the doll’s skin feels after I’ve powdered it. It’s like a luxurious spa experience—feels amazing! I think it’s really worth it.

In terms of tips to help make the powdering process smoother, I’d recommend that you invest in a really high-quality powder. Cheap brands might be full of chemicals, which could irritate the skin, Penis Rings or just not do what it’s intended to do anyway. Look for powders that say things like ‘hypoallergenic’ or ‘natural’ on the label—it will help keep your doll feeling perfect for longer.

Then, remember to work the powder into the crevices and any folds of the skin. You don’t want clumps of powder left behind! This can be especially tricky if the doll has extra curvy areas, but take your time and be sure to brush off any excess once you’re done.

Now, when it comes to how often you should powder your doll, that depends. If you’re using it regularly, I’d say every month or two is a good rule of thumb. It will help keep it soft and smooth and looking new for longer.

When I powder mine, I always make sure to use a light, even layer of powder. Anything thicker can clog the doll’s pores, and you don’t want that. Plus, if you choose the right powder, it’ll stay on and feel amazing for days, so you won’t need to go wild and apply too much.

So, all in all—yeah, I definitely think that powdering a sex doll is a great idea! It’s an easy way to keep her looking and feeling great, without having to do any complicated maintenance. Plus, it’s really relaxing and enjoyable! I’ve been loving it.