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After that traumatic experience, I started to think more deeply about teen male masturbation.​ We all know the significance of self-pleasure, of course, but as a parent of two boys, I was concerned about how it affects kids’ health.​

I heard so many stories from other parents about their sons masturbating.​ I was perplexed when I discovered my own children had started earlier than I anticipated.​ I didn’t know what to think, so I started doing research about it.​

My research revealed that teenage boys are more likely to have a hard time controlling their urges.​ They are still attempting to come into terms with puberty.​ They will naturally be drawn to themselves, in order to explore their body.​ It helps them identify their likes and dislikes.​

It’s also normal for teenage boys to seek out pornography to further stimulate their libido.​ This, too, can make it difficult for them to manage their desires.​ The culture of instant gratification doesn’t help, either.​

I did, however, learn that there are several benefits of teenage boys masturbating.​ For one, it can reduce their anxiety and stress levels, which can be particularly useful when facing college or work placements.​ It can also help boys learn how to ejaculate without the aid of a partner, thus increasing their sexual confidence.​ Plus, because masturbation is much safer than engaging in sexual relationships, it can make teenage boys more aware of how to practice safe sex dolls.​

I also learned that it’s perfectly normal for teenage boys to engage in self-pleasure- it’s simply part of how their bodies are developing.​ The key, however, is to teach boys the importance of self-control.​ It’s important to help them understand the risks associated with engaging in sexual activities at a young age (such as the potential for Penis Rings disease or pregnancy).​

Now when it comes to masturbation and kids’ health, I try to foster an open and honest dialogue with my children.​ I tell them the importance of sustaining their emotional and physical well-being, and I ensure them that I’m a safe person to discuss anything that may come to mind.​ We need to let them know what’s normal and acceptable within the boundaries of our personal values.​

Moving forward, it’s my hope that other parents can find comfort in knowing that teenage male masturbation is not something to be ashamed of.​ As long as we focus on providing our kids with adequate education about their sexual health and safe boundaries, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with allowing them to practice self-care.​ It’s essential that we continue to serve as a trusted source of information for our teens to ensure their physical and mental welfare.​A disturbing number of child sex dolls have been intercepted by Australian Border Force