tinker bell real sex doll

I can’t believe it! I have just found out about Tinker Bell Real Sex Doll! It’s a full-figured, life-sized sex doll that’s designed to look just like the animated cartoon character, Tinker Bell.

When I heard that, my jaw just dropped! I mean, you would expect Disney to have their own version of a sex doll, but taking a page out of the fantasy world is a bold and probably not-so-successful move.

Anyway, I decided to find out more. So I visited the website where I saw that the body of this sex doll was made of a high grade silicone substance which is totally smooth to the touch, and Penis Rings has realistic joints to make her body move freely. It was really something else.

The website also said that the doll, which is about 4 feet tall, was clothed in a tiny green dress similar to Tinker Bell’s, with her wings, tiny wand and shoes completing the picture. Apart from that, the doll was anatomically designed for sexual gratification.

I was a bit taken aback by this. I mean, how could something so cute be designed for something else. I realize that the fantasy world often provides an escape for people’s sexual desires, but this seemed a bit too much.

Still, I was curious so I looked further and see that there were several other options like a wide range of shapes and sizes, customizable features like hair colour, eye colour etc. and even some extra accessories.

To be honest, I was a bit perplexed by it all. I mean, sex dolls are one thing, but this one was too close for comfort. I was also a bit concerned about the people who decide to buy such a life size doll – what was the motivation behind it?

Anyway, I shrugged it all off and decided to move on with my day. I mean, everyone is free to make their own choices, after all. But I must say that I’m still surprised and a bit shocked about this Tinker Bell Real Sex Doll.