When I heard that child sex dolls for sale, I was shocked and couldn’t understand how something like this could be legally and ethically allowed. I asked myself how desperate must someone be to purchase such a lewd and barbaric item? I was utterly taken aback and I had to uncover the truth about this issue.

Are Your Rotary Electric Vibrators Working Properly? | Powder\/Bulk SolidsMy research led me to believe that the sale of child sex dolls has become more visible in some countries, despite the fact that it is not technically legal. The dolls look disturbingly realistic and are made with the intention of sexual gratification. They can come in all shapes, sizes and colours of little girls or boys. It brings me to tears when I think that someone would buy these dolls, as it speaks to some kind of predatory behaviour.

Moreover, I start to worry that with the availability of such dolls, some people may be tempted to commit real life abuses against minors. I am also concerned about the implication of this on society. Owning such a doll can potentially lead to normalizing the kind of behaviour that is already dishearteningly prevalent in our society. Such dolls can be used as an “instrument of initiation” and can greatly encourage pedophilic behaviour. It’s evident that the sale of child sex dolls is a moral and ethical abomination.

It’s hard to think of any good points about this issue. I can perhaps see an argument that adults who are struggling with feelings of deviance and predation can use these dolls as a “safe” way to express their illicit desires. But the fact of the matter is that it feels wrong in every aspect and that this is not an appropriate or effective solution. The emphasis should be on prevention, health and proper education.

Furthermore, within the mental assist field some mental health professionals suggest that the use of such dolls can harm an individual’s mental health. Not only can they increase the users’ potential for pedophilia, as well as encourage further damage to people. Therefore, their use should not be considered as an acceptable form of therapy.

Moreover, selling these dolls is not only immoral, but it cannot even be considered as entertaining. Disturbing items like these dolls should not be condemnable to anyone. The concept of selling these dolls to be used for paedophilic behaviour should be considered as a heinous and abominable crime. There is no excuse for what can be done with such a product, no matter what the intention of the purchaser is.

All in all, child sex dolls for sex dolls sale should be eradicated altogether. They are a sign of a deep-rooted problem within our society and dildos we should take that problem seriously and do what needs to be done to fix it. We need to promote healthy and wholesome values that discourage such behaviour and ensure that everyone is responsible when it comes to these kinds of issues. We need to inform people about the dangers of owning these dolls and make sure that anyone considering buying them knows exactly what can come of these actions. We must do everything in our power to stop the sale of these dolls.