why doed timid doesn’t like sex toys

I’m such an open minded and bold person that it sometimes surprises me why I’m so timid about exploring sex toys. There’s no denying that they add a spice to any bedroom affair, and yet I’m still hesitant to even talk about them with my partner.

It’s not even that I’m scared or shy about the topic. I just never felt an urge to try them before. Whenever I consider it I’m like, “Let’s just stick with what we know and enjoy – it’s worked for us so far so why risk it?” Even though I know that such toys could give me immense pleasure and satisfaction.

Maybe I’m just unsure about the whole idea of introducing something so intimate and different into my life. Maybe it would ruin my sex life instead of spice it up. I’m genuinely scared to try it out.

One of the main things that prevent me from experimenting is the judgmental attitude of others. It’s like ever since I became aware of it there was this voice in the back of my head that says, “Everyone is going to judge you!”

Then there’s also the issue of hygiene. It emerged as an issue for me during the whole COVID pandemic last year. Consider that using sex toys require sanitization or else it could be a potential source of cross-infection. That’s a risk I’m not willing to take.

Aside from all these concerns, the main aversion I have to using sex toys is that they are just so impersonal. To me, nothing can replace the intimate connection and chemistry I have with my partner when we’re being intimate.

Another big issue for me is the complexity of using them. There are so many options out there, it’s hard to decide what to go for. It gets intimidating and overwhelming.

Also, I worry about how I would even bring up the topic. I don’t want to make my partner feel uncomfortable or that I am trying to replace him with intercourse. Which I know is highly unlikely.

Plus, there’s also the fact that such objects and vibrators cost money, and investing in something that I’m afraid to use is definitely not something I’m looking forward to. This kind of financial risk puts me off even more.

All in all, while I understand why people experiment with sex toys and the advantages they can bring, I’m just simply not able to bring myself to try them out. For me, nothing beats the feeling of human connections and closeness.

Now that I’ve discussed why I am not a fan of sex toys, let’s explore why sex toys can be beneficial to relationships. First of all, for some couples, it can give them a way to explore new experiences together which might otherwise be off-limits. It offers them an opportunity to experiment with their sexual boundaries in a safe, consensual and enjoyable way.

For people who are uncomfortable with having sex, toys can help them get the same kind of satisfaction without the worry of having to actually do anything. This means that people, who may have a disability or fear of engaging in intercourse, still benefit from the satisfaction that comes from sex.

Furthermore, sex toys allow people to explore their own bodies and find what actually feels good to them. Everyone responds to different types of stimulation (both mental and physical) and vibrators toys can be a great way to explore and discover new things about yourself.

Masturbation has many health benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety, as well as giving you a sense of control over your own body. The use of sex toys can help people become more comfortable with sexual pleasure and find out things that make them feel good in the process.

Finally, sex toys can be, in many cases, an adventure couples can enjoy together. Rather than looking at it as a form of competing with each other, it can be viewed as an extension of their connection and a way for the couple to grow even closer.

Additionally, sex toys can also act as a powerful re-frame in relationships. Rough patches can cause couples to drift apart and become estranged. To spice up things between them, the couple can use sex toys as the common ground. This enables them to not only explore each other sexually but also reconnect more profoundly as a couple.

Moreover, sex toys are a fun way of spicing up any bedroom affair. Besides that, it gives couples the opportunity to explore aspects of each other they wouldn’t have been able to without them. This can significantly increase connection levels between them.

Many couples might be hesitant to try them out because of the fear of embarrassment or judgmental attitudes. However, the reality is that sex toys can be used safely and shouldn’t be frowned upon.

A couple can also look at sex toys as a way to show respect and admiration for one another. For example, if one partner is hesitant about trying new things, the other one can bring out something small, like a vibrator or a blindfold, to introduce the other one to the idea. Moreover, the fact that someone would want to invest in something like that and bring it to the table shows that they’re invested in the relationship and care about its success.

It is safe to say that sex toys are not a form of replacing someone in bed, but rather an extension of intimacy between two individuals. They are a way to explore each other and discover potential pleasurable experiences that were otherwise impossible to achieve. Sex toys can bring two people closer if used properly and with respect.30 Speed Silicone Waterproof USB Rechargeable Vibrators Wireless Remote Control Vibrator Sex ...